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The secret behind the success of the Golden Circle

Customers usually don’t choose your product just because they like the color. Even the usability doesn’t play a decisive role in the purchase process. Neurological studies show over and over again that the purchase decision people often make is based on… emotion. People must have a positive feeling about your product or service. Don’t explain what you do, but why you do it. You can persuade your target group by communicating the “why” of your startup.

Admittedly, The Golden Circle from Simon Sinek is popular. Nevertheless, there are only a few entrepreneurs who can explain why they do what they do. Our workshop will help you to define your “why”. That one specific dream which makes all hearts beat faster – yours and those of your employees and customers.


From angel investment to IPO

Great ambitions often require a large amount of money. What about startups who fully pay for their dreams with private money? We haven’t met them yet. If you rely on finding an investor, make sure you’re prepared. In this workshop, Pim asks you five questions that you should always ask yourself before you meet with a potential investor.

Of course there are other, less well-known, ways to get your startup funded. For instance, think of equity crowdfunding. A form of funding where you share equity with the crowd, without joint liability. Crowdlending could also be an option. Or, perhaps, a convertible loan fits your ambitions best. During this workshop, Pim Betist takes you on a journey ranging from angel investment to a possible exit or an IPO during which all forms of funding are reviewed.


5 ways to grow without funding

Of course, you can talk to informal investors straight away and give up a percentage of your shares. Or you can see if there is an incubator ready to nurse your idea. But fortunately for you, there are other ways to fund the ambitious plans of your startup. In fact, growth without external funding is a strategy you should at least explore.

During this presentation we outline your options. For instanve, think of the entrepreneurs who are placed just before or directly after you in the value chain. They serve customers that they can probably pass on to you. Another strategy is to ‘sell it before it exists’, which is based on the brilliant marketing strategy Freddy Heineken once applied in the United States. But beware! Before you start working on growth, ensure that your company is ready for it. Which management techniques do you need for this? Download this presentation and find out!


About Pim


Pim Betist (MSc, finance) is a crowdfunding pioneer and entrepreneur. He founded Ripplestarters, the leading Dutch crowdfunding consultancy and software agency.

Ripplestarters has developed crowdfunding solutions for e.g. ABN AMRO Bank, ASN Bank and The Ocean Cleanup. Pim is also well known for founding SellaBand in 2006; the world’s first crowdfunding platform with a reward based model. SellaBand raised over 2.5mln dollars from over 50.000 music fans to enable unsigned artists to record albums. His interest in developing start-ups and coaching young entrepreneurs led him to co-found Ready2Scale; a network of high potential growth companies in the ICT sector.

Pim is a keynote speaker at business conferences and events in Germany, US, UK and The Netherlands.


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